All You Need to Know About Amazon Brand Registry

written on 20/04/03

The Amazon Brand Registry is creating some buzz online. There is a good reason why! Some of the most effective tools of the marketplace are available only to the registered sellers.

Becoming a seller in the Brand Registry on Amazon takes some money and time but it can be a great investment because it provides many benefits and opportunities.

You are not sure if this program is for you? In the article below we will discuss everything you need to know about the Amazon Brand registry application – what it is, how much it costs and what are the benefits.

Let’s dive in the Amazon Brand Registry Program

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What is Amazon Brand Registry Program

 The Brand Registry Program offers functionality that helps sellers protect their trademark, including image search, branded text and automation.

If you are an entry-level seller, maybe this program is not yet on your mind, but if you are a bit more advanced or are looking at different products, you may want to check this option out.

In this case, you might want to know more about the benefits of the program. 

Amazon Brand Registry Benefits

 Sellers can access the registry’s capabilities on the Seller Central dashboard. So, if you don’t have a Seller Central account you need to create that one first.

Once you are registered in the Amazon Brand registry you can go to the main navigation bar of the Seller Central account and gain access to the Brand Dashboard. From there you can go to the Brand Benefits section where you can learn more about the tools in this program.

The Amazon Branded Registry is simple and easy to use. Its main goal is to help sellers organize their brand on Amazon.

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 Let’s take a look at some of the biggest perks of the Amazon Brand Registry

1.   Protect Your Brand 

With so many sellers and products on Amazon, it is normal to experience the fear of another merchant hijacking your product. The marketplace is very competitive and many sellers would do anything to get ahead.

With the Amazon Brand Registry, you can register your brand and claim sole ownership on it. And even if someone tries to hijack it you can simply contact Amazon and they will remove them from the marketplace.

2.   Control Your Content 

Brand Registry allows you to enjoy more control over your content. The Amazon Brand Registry requirements when it comes to content are loose, so you can play around with your product titles and description, images and more. These parameters are otherwise tightly restricted to the Amazon algorithm.

3.   Wider Access for Selling

 If you are asking yourself what are the Amazon Brand Registry requirements you need to cover to become part of the program, here are the types of sellers that are eligible. Of course, we will begin with the ones who own a private label or a brand, the sellers who make their own products, those producing branded white label products, distributors with brand content permission and last but not least the traditional manufacturers.

Even if you think you are not eligible, try being creative to gain access to Amazon Brand Registry. However, if you fall in one of these categories then you will surely qualify.


4.   Engage Your Audience

 Being a brand-registered seller means you will get access to features that will make you stand out. In highly competitive marketplaces like Amazon, this is crucial.

If you become part of the program you can add product videos and amazon storefronts which add value to your brand and business.


5.   Become a Sponsored Brand

 The Sponsored brands option is another way to engage with the audience on Amazon. These are the headline ads that appear at the top of the front page in Amazon search results. These ads can make your brand more visible and attract shoppers to your page.


As you can see the Amazon Brand Registry allows you to be creative, protect your brand and stand out from the competition.

We hope this short guide has helped you clear the picture of what Brand Registry is, how it works and whether it is something you need at this point of your Amazon journey.


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