written on 20/02/05

It is no news that Amazon is one of the best online marketplaces to sell your product. Some may say eBay, but statistics and how people's view about it confirms this fact. People trust Amazon always to have what they want anytime they want it. They believe Amazon to cater to their needs each time, that's why people it is the most preferred among its pairs.

Another reason why it is the best place to sell is that you can sell at higher rates and gain a lot of profit. To be candid, there is a lot of competition among sellers on Amazon. About 100 sellers can be selling the same thing. This makes it even harder to make sales on Amazon. After devising kick-ass and incredible product descriptions, you discovered that your sales are still slow? There is always a way out!

In this article, you will find out the top-selling items on Amazon.


What is your purpose of starting a business? Is it for fun or to make money? After you have decided on that, then you can move with this article. Quite often, some people find it challenging to shift from one niche to another because that's what they love to sell.

If your purpose for starting the sales business is to make more money, you should be ready to follow the trend. There are certain products that people buy more. Adding those particular items to your listing will help increase your sales on Amazon. On Amazon, the best way to follow the trend is by finding the best selling items on Amazon.


Amazon updates its list of bestselling products hourly. This is to say one minute a product is leading the chart, in another hour, it might not. It is highly to be continuously updated on the most bought items on Amazon. Here is our top list of best selling Amazon products in 2020.

There are several niches on Amazon from which you can select. We have narrowed down our search to the top-selling market on Amazon- Toys & Games, electronics, camera & photo, video games and clothing, shoes & jewelry.   

1. Body Glide Original Anti-Chafe Balm

top selling products on amazon

This is the first item on our list. This product is mostly useful for health improvement. I can see why it is one of the most sold items on Amazon with over 3000 reviews and more than a 4-star rating. Funny enough, Amazon kept it in the toy and games category, but it's a great product to sell on Amazon.

2.  Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote

top selling products on amazon

What did I say earlier about following the trend? One of the most trending technologies is Al technology. Several products are now developed with voice control making everything easier for the human race. Since people are always buying gadgets to improve their lifestyle and equip themselves, this product is an incredible product to add to your product listing on Amazon. It has about 168.969 views with more than a 4-star rating.

3.  Fujifilm INSTAX Mini

best seller on amazon

We can’t neglect the fact that people take more selfies than it used to be. As a result of this, Fujifilm INSTAX maximize this opportunity to develop selfie-supported cameras, portable and less expensive. Fujifilm INSTAX is also another impressive product to sell on Amazon. It makes the top three list of most purchased items in camera and photo category on Amazon.

4. PlayStation Store Gift Card

top selling items on amazon

Nowadays, you can't really tell the kinds of games to purchase for children. Their likes and wants as regard gaming continually changes with time. $10 and $20 PlayStation store gift cards are the best selling items in this category with 30,676 and 30,675 reviews, respectively.

5. ‘A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies and Leadership’

top selling products on amazon

This is a book written by former FBI director, James Comey. It is one of the most purchased books on Amazon. There are two reasons for this: Its content, the writer, and availability. The first fact is the attractive factor.

  • The book talks about different controversies as far as the USA is concerned, such as the Hilary Clinton scandal, the relationship between Russia & Trump, and so on.
  • Since the former FBI director wrote it, it is believable and popular.
  • Lastly, it available in both Kindle and print format.



Note that these products mentioned are only examples of how the best selling products look like on Amazon and a tangible reason why they were selected. To find the top-selling products on Amazon, the best thing to do is engage in thorough product research by making use of search tools. Some of these search tools include:

  • Amazon Keyword Tool
  • Keyword tool dominator
  • Google Keyword Planner

These three tools can help with in-depth research on the best products to sell on Amazon.


Every market place has its tricks by which one can make better sales. Amazon isn’t any different in that respect. There is a need to know and update our knowledge on the best selling items in Amazon. This article will give you an idea of the best selling products on Amazon and how to find them. 

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